DevOps Engineer

Full-time    Mumbai Bhopal


About us :

We are seeking a talented and motivated DevOps engineer to join our growing team. If you are passionate about automating, optimizing, and improving software development and deployment processes.

About the position :

DevOps engineer

Roles and responsibilities :

  • Strong knowledge and exposure to the deployment of services in microservices architecture and excellent understanding of the deployment of Nodejs, Python, Java, Django, React, Laravel,.net, and PHP
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): Implement and improve CI/CD pipelines using tools like Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, or Bitbucket CI/CD to streamline software delivery and deployment.
  • Containerization:Build and manage containerized applications using Docker and integrate with AWS ECS and orchestration tools like Kubernetes.
  • Monitoring and Logging:Set up monitoring and logging solutions (e.g., Prometheus, ELK Stack, Grafana) to proactively identify and resolve system issues.
  • Security:Collaborate with the security team to implement and maintain security best practices for infrastructure and applications.
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Develop and maintain infrastructure code using tools like Terraform and Ansible to automate the provisioning of infrastructure resources.
  • Cloud Knowledge: Demonstrated competency with the following AWS services: ECS, EKS, EC2, EBS, S3, RDS, VPC, Route53, ELB, IAM, CloudFront, CloudWatch, Lambda, API Gateway, WAF, and SNS.
  • Scripting and Automation:Develop and maintain scripts (e.g., Bash, Python) to automate routine tasks and processes.
  • Operating system knowledge: good understanding of the Linux operating system and Windows server and Internet-based technologies (TCP/IP, DNS,HTTP, SMTP, and networking concepts).
  • Collaboration:Work closely with development teams to optimize development workflows and troubleshoot deployment issues.
  • Documentation:Create and maintain clear and comprehensive documentation for infrastructure and deployment processes.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery:Implement and test backup and disaster recovery strategies to ensure data integrity and system availability.
  • Stay Current:Stay up-to-date with the latest DevOps trends, tools, and best practices to continuously improve our processes.

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