Services we offer

Our strengh lies in the comprehensive suite of services we offer to our clients.

Web Development

In today's day and age web development is increasingly being essential and globally brands are focusing on latest web development strategies. We at techstalwarts use latest trends/tools in technologies to build a fast, elegant & most importantly we think the mobile first approach. Below mentioned are different web-technologies we use:

  • - Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  • - REACT JS
  • - RIOT JS
  • - VUE JS
  • - HTML/CSS

UI/UX Services

TechStalwarts can help visualise even the craziest ideas converting them Into elegant design, awesome experiences and catchy brands. We exist to solve Business challenges with creative solution.

  • - UI/UX Design
  • - Product & user research
  • - Wireframing
  • - Proto-typing
  • - Mobile App design

Platform Development

As the name suggests, platform development is the backbone of any application and basis on how the platform is built the applications speed, security, scalability & performance is achieved. We at techstalwarts help you choose the right platform for your product

Different platforms we work on

  • - NODE
  • - PYTHON
  • - .NET
  • - Ruby on Rails

Quality Assurance

From highly meticulous manual testing of your project's most intricate features to large-scale automated testing of complex software suites—our qualified QA engineers can do it all.

  • - Manual Testing
  • - Automated Testing
  • - QA Outsourcing
  • - QA Consulting

Tech Consultancy

We at techstalwarts work with a lot of enterprises and start-ups to guide them into the entire process from tech-hiring to building an architecture & deployment of the product on the cloud. We work with the internal teams of these companies and make sure that the right product is built & delivered as per the requirement

Our consulting services are:

  • - Assistance in recruitment
  • - Building an architecture
  • - Product roadmap building
  • - Training to internal teams on latest technologies
  • - Assistance in deployment of product

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an essential part of any product. Our cloud computing services range from full applications and development platforms, servers, storage, and virtual desktops.

Below mentioned are few cloud service providers we work with:

  • - Amazon Web Service (AWS)
  • - Microsoft Azure.
  • - Google Cloud Platform.
  • - IBM Cloud Services.
  • - Adobe Creative Cloud.

OutSourced Product Development

Our OPD services help a lot of international companies scale and speed up their product development. We make sure that we have dedicated teams working as per time zones of our clients. Currently our clients are based in US, UK, Australia & Middle-East.

We provide the following services in our Outsource Product development:

  • - App development
  • - Portal development
  • - Backend development
  • - Custom application development
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